Ambitious but never impossible

What if I told you that there was an organization that blends art, tech and science to simultaneously challenge the status quo and reality itself ?

We are ELIXR
Enhanced Learning Incorporating eXtended Reality

We are a non-profit organization, born from the University of Alberta's Rehabilitation Robotics Lab, aimed at improving the human condition. We create and use virtual reality technology and simulations to drive forward the way we interact, heal, and learn - basically, we want to change how humans exist. 

ELIXR was born from a self-identified need. Coming from research, we noticed that most new ideas, ideas that could help people, lose funding and are never fully realized. Even worse, the research never makes it out of the university so in the end, nothing moves. Nobody gets the help they need. Life stays the same as usual - barely bearable. We at ELIXR know that there is a better way - and with a little help from you, our network, great things don't have to end like this. There is a better way


Our Goal?

ELIXR exists to realize human potential by enabling mainstream adoption of XR technology.

Humans have made a lot of discoveries and advances. Every day, new ideas are created and discarded almost with abandon. This is not a bad thing - in fact, it is how we progress.

But imagine a time when anesthesia was merely a "cool idea" someone mused about, while in the meantime you were getting a tooth pulled with questionable pliers. Excruciating. And what if that idea had just been discarded as too radical, too hard, or just unnecessary? Where would the world be today?


Consider this: the need for a better way is always present. This is our mantra. We seek to create new ways to learn and implement the things we create so that we can be better and live less painfully.

We have the new better way. With extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality), we have a system that is fully immersive, repeatable, cost-effective, inconsequential and best of all engaging. We can accelerate learning so that we can all keep up with this constantly changing world. We don't want good ideas to get stuck any longer. We want everyone to have equal opportunities to learn and succeed. And with ELIXR, we have found a way to move ideas forward and help people learn faster, better, and more effectively.

To this end, we created the ELIXR network for you, your friends, your colleagues, so that we can work together for change. So that you can use XR tech in your schools, your workplaces and your hospitals. So that you can have a say in the way we progress in a rapidly advancing world. So that you can think creatively and work with other passionate people who care just as much as you.


Easy, right?

And this is how we do it.


We work with the best, most credible professionals and researchers on the cutting edge

We liaise with those who are passionate, driven and ambitious in private enterprise

We curate, support and empower the best new talent in our local tech industry

So where do you fit?

Whether you're in the public sector, private enterprise, student body, or you're just starting out -

we have a place for you.

Not only do we produce stunning, quality XR content aimed for mainstream adoption, we also enhance the production process by cultivating raw talent and turning the development process into an opportunity for learning and growth.

We aim to break the vicious cycle that is lack of content due to a lack of audience.

At ELIXR, we believe that XR is the solution, but people are the drivers. We curate a network between those who are XR tech-savvy and those who are curious.

We have established a connection between private enterprise, post-secondaries, public enterprise and students to build what we call a Content Creation Network (CCN).

Many hands make light work - and we believe that by joining hands this way, we will be able to learn better, faster.

ELIXR believes in sustainability and pragmatism, which is why we have 

developed the ELIXR Commercialization Network (ECN).

The ECN serves as a mechanism for XR distribution from those who want it to those who need it, while simultaneuously ensuring that your product is held to the highest standards and follows best practices that navigating through a new field requires. We emphasize accountability. We want to keep you safe, so we do. 

Innovation never sleeps and neither do we!

We believe that there is always a better way, so we are conintuously seeking nouveau, creative ideas to advance learning and improve lives. 






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